How can probability help you when playing at slot machines- Chapter 2

This is the second part of a two part series on Using Probability in Slot Machines.

One thing we learn from probability is to dispel all myths regarding the game because they are only restricting you from earning frequent payouts. Remember the rules the discussed in part 1 because they are going to be the key factors in helping you win with slot machines over the long term.

Implementing Strategy

Remember the part where you have to remind yourself when to stop? This is going to be very important in helping you earn sustained living from slot machines. For instance, let’s say you won $100. Now the wise decision here would be to play with $50 and cash out the remaining $50. In this regard, you should determine the winning and losing amount to call it quits. For instance, if you have lost $50, then quit immediately without hesitation. If you’re feeling down about letting your play stop, take a walk to the all-you-can-eat buffet and surprise yourself with their amazing cuisines.

Your Playing Hand

The next thing to do is determine how many coins you are willing to play on a spin. Remember that in some cases, more is better in terms of payouts and jackpots. For instance, if a slot machine is offering twice the payouts or more when you put twice the number of coins, you can earn greater payouts that way. This way, you are increases your chances of winning the biggest pot and likewise you should expect a greater value. However, if the machine is giving you the same payouts for the same number of coins, then you can choose to play with or without maximum coins. You might just play once and make enough money to call it quits then and there!

Coins Do the Talking

If you are playing on a quarter slot machines that pay 10 credits for 777s, then playing 2 quarters can give you 25 credits. Subsequently, if you are playing with maximum quarters, let’s say 4 in this instance, and you get 777, you will end up winning 1,000 credits. Hence, when you’re playing with more coins at a time, you are increasing your chances of winning biggest pots overtime, if you win of course. On the other hand, playing four times with one quarter will not result in as greater payouts.

You might have heard of penny slot machines as they are apparently sweeping the gambling world off its feet. While penny slot machines only require a penny to play, you will only get the rate provided that you want to play one penny at one time. In other words, these types of machines will compel you to bet more than one penny at one time. In this instance, some machines can allow you to bet over 1,000 coins in one spin, otherwise known as lines. Since these machines take denominations on credit cards and paper bills, you will end up losing your money much faster than you would when playing dollar slot machines!