Truths and lies on how to beat a slot machine

If you have been to a casino, you would immediately recognize the loudest and most colorful attraction, slot machines. Slot machines can generate millions to billions of dollars from players who want to hit the jackpot. While luck plays a huge role in how much you win, there are strategies that can maximize the chances of your earnings.

Slot machine strategies allow you to play longer and as a result win more. This is also known as ‘beating the house’ which only a few people are really capable of doing. So without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the top tips that can help you beat the slot machines and the house!

Learn Slot Machines

Of course you will have to familiarize yourself with various slot machine games before you can start thinking about beating the house. For instance, reel spinning slots feature three to five reels that have imprinted symbols and blank spaces. There are around 22 spaces and stops on each reel, and matching them in combinations results in payouts.

Video slots, on the other hand, have seven reels with three rows of five symbols and can feature virtual stops from 32 to over 100. While there are differences in style and the number of reels, the payouts in reel spinning and video slots featuring the same denomination are more or less the same. They are controlled by a random number generator that calculates the outcomes from each spin, which makes it rather impossible to determine future spins.

Choose Slots with Lower Payouts

Slot machines with smaller jackpots are generally easier to play on as compared to bigger jackpot slots. Determine the maximum payout of a machine and play the highest possible denomination you can afford. This is because dollar machines will have greater payouts than quarter, nickel, and penny machines. On top of that, most slots will pay progressive jackpots only when you play with maximum credits.

A trick here is to choose combinations that have highest payouts. If you are playing progressive lots, then you should also choose the maximum amounts. This is because you can’t expect to hit the jackpot unless you go big. Remember to choose combinations of highest payouts to win big!

Play It Smart

One thing that you can’t find from most slot machine guides is how to make smart money decisions with slot machines. This is the most significant factor that can help you beat the house. There are many websites that provide information on payouts from different slots in different casinos. Always choose slots with the greatest payouts to increase the odds of winning.

Another thing you should remember is to set a limit of losing. If you are winning, stop instantly once you have doubled the initial amount, or stop playing if you are on a 3 to 4 game losing streak. This will save you from riding on your luck that will lead to a road of financial collapse.

Last but not the least, if you plan to play on physical casinos, become a member of the slot machine club. Many casinos offer this incentive with varying benefits, so take your time before making the decision!