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For over a hundred years people have been intrigued with the past time of gambling. Whether it be the flip of a coin, a wager on sports or some of the more recognisable casino games, the thrill of pitting your wits against another player or against the house itself and coming out on top has always been a brilliant feeling. As the years moved on, so did the games that we could play and bet on. Check out for some of the best free slots.

The Best 3 Canada Casinos with bonuses each of free slot machines with free spins to pick from

1 Spin Casino Spin Casino
2 Royal Vegas Royal Vegas
3 All Slots All Slots

When you play free slots online, there are literally thousands of different games available to you

A lot of the history behind some of our favourite games and the origin of where these games come from may surprise a lot of people. Nowadays, people sign up and can enjoy free online slots for hours but to think that the idea behind this concept originated back in the late 1880’s-1890’s and has had that original idea adapted and modified, twisted and improved by some of the best brains over 100 years and this is what we enjoy now.

Everyone also has their own reasons and their own preferences when that are playing on the slots. This is the reason that online slots, out of all of the casino games available, are probably the most personalised of the games you get at online casinos in Canada. Not only are they trying to give you the full Las Vegas experience, but they try and get into your preferences. If you are a massive football fan and there is a football slots machine, it subconsciously draws you in, if you class yourself as a movie buff and you see a machine that is based upon one of your favourite movies, you are automatically going to select that machine to play.

Check out the hidden features that can be found by experimenting with different techniques

It is all of these little things that make online slots one of the most popular and enjoyable online casino games around. If you are new to the online casino world then you may not be 100% familiar with exactly what a free slot game is. You’ve probably seen slots before and think that the main point of slots machines are the jackpots that they pay out and the money that you can win so why is free slots suddenly becoming as popular as they are? Free slots are exactly that, a slot game that gives you free credits to play and gives you free credits back in the form of your wins. There’s a high element of luck in slots, as said by John Terrny, however, there are always ways you can

increase the chances of winning at slot machines.

Take a good look through the different genres available within the online slots world

We can’t really generalise the free slots into one category as there are so many different types of free slots available and they are all different. There are 3 reel slot machines, 5 reel slot machines, there are machines that are still based on the original one armed bandit design which gives you a one off chance to win, you have the older options which concentrate more on the feature board rather than just spinning in the wins and you have the latest titles that give you so many different choices that are on most online casinos, you can spend a day just reading the amount of titles available on any one casino. It is easy for the manufacturers and programmers to design so many different examples of the slots as they can use the same program and just make a few small tweaks to personalise it to any specific genre, this is why you may play a few games that you have never played before but feel very similar to many that you have played previously.

There are many different reasons as to why you would choose to use free online slots for fun

We see many times people questioning why players opt to use casino games for free. Gambling always had such a stereotype held against it that people automatically associate things like slots, roulette, blackjack and more as negative things, things that were designed for people to lose money on when realistically, that is not the case. And as proof to that, you only have to look at the millions of people around the world that are signed up to free casino games sites where there isn’t money to be gambled, no cash to be won, it is purely about the excitement and fun of the experience. There tend to be three main reasons or types of players on the free slots and they are as follows:

  • Some people may use the free games as a way to learn if beating slot machines is a possibility and the best way to go about it. If that is something that you are contemplating, then it can be a good idea to pick a few titles and look at completely perfecting those. There are so many different combinations that a slot machine can spin out that it is nigh on impossible to predict what the outcome of the spins would be, however, things like finding the easiest way to the hidden features, understanding roughly how many credits or spins it will take you to get to those features or to win free spins and anything else you may want to perfect. That is one reason people play the free slots.
  • Another reason is that more people are signing up to online casinos now that have never played before. For them to jump straight in to playing for big money wouldn’t be the best idea for them as would probably result in them losing a lot of money in the process. As with anything that you are new to, it makes sense to practice first. If you are looking to get your driving license, you take driving lessons, if you want to become a professional footballer or dancer, you go to football practice or take dancing lessons. Why should online slots be any different? If you want to give yourself the best chance possible of winning the biggest prizes around, then it makes sense to practice at these games first. The fact that you are not limited as to how long you can play these games for free means that there is no excuse for you not taking advantage of the opportunity available.
  • The final type of player to use free slots, or any free casino game for that fact are the people that enjoy playing. It is that simple, not interested in gambling, not looking to win any money or lose any money but just enjoy the thrill. When you take a look at the manufacturers of these games, they are providing games that wouldn’t look out of place on a games console that you use at home. It’s more about the thrill of winning. These players don’t need to see a change in their bank balance after playing, it’s purely about spinning the reels and watching the jackpot spin in. It provides a thrill and a positive release of good feelings knowing that you have won. It also allows people to go back in time by enjoying some of the old school and retro games that don’t show up in the latest titles of the big online casinos out there. Cops and robbers, trivial pursuit, monopoly and many other games that people have forgotten about but still give people the rush that they are after without the risk of losing anything.

There are a lot of options for you to sign up to experience free online slots with bonus options now

Just because you have decided that you are going to play free slots, doesn’t mean that you won’t be eligible to receive bonuses when you play. A massive advantage when playing slots for real money is the bonuses and promotions that can give you higher odds of bringing the jackpot in. You can benefit from these bonuses while playing free slots now.

It might seem confusing how getting things like free spins will benefit you when you’re only playing off free spins anyway but how the bonuses work on the free version of the games differ slightly to the real money games. On the real money side of things, you will get free spins of matched deposit bonuses that means you can play off these free spins first before it starts taking money out of your wallet.

Keep an eye out for no deposit bonuses and free spins to win real money while playing for free

On the free online pokies side of things, there are many bonuses that can come in to play that can still help you win real money while playing for free. The free spins bonus on a free game tend to open a hidden feature bonus round where real cash money wins are available for a select period of time. Take some time to look at sites that offer information on winning strategies as these can be extremely helpful.

For example, you may be playing your favourite slots machine for a couple of hours and all of a sudden, the feature bonus round will open, and you will receive 150 free spins that allow you to win cash prizes. If you are successful, brilliant, you have just won some money without having to wager anything yourself, if you are not successful on that occasion, it’s no hardship as you were only playing for free anyway, but these little bonuses can be a nice surprise as you play.

If you are looking for the best site to find free slots pokies for fun, then there are plenty available

When you’re looking around for different sites to use then have an idea as to what sort of slots machine you are looking to play.

There are some sites that offer over 10,000 free slots machines to play on, so these ones will cover a whole range of different games and more than likely, have a very wide selection as to the theme of the slots. Others will focus on a specific genre or themes so may only have a couple of hundred free online pokie games for you to play, but they will all be of the theme that you are looking for.

If you play both free slots and real money slots then bear in mind that a lot of the major, more established casinos do give you the opportunity of playing their real money slots in free mode so this can be beneficial if you want to practice on a specific game, you can do and then move onto the same game for real money when you feel ready to. To find the perfect free slots site for you will include a lot of trial and error for the main reason, everyone’s opinions are different.

What is going to be your go to them when you are trying to win the mega jackpots available?

If you ask 100 people what their favourite sports team is or what their favourite car is, what tv show do they enjoy watching to chill out, even what their favourite colour is, you will always have a wide selection of answers and online slots sites are no different. It can be many different things that make your selection for you. The obvious one would be the library of games available. It may be the theme of games that do it for you. It could be the layout of the website itself, how easy it is to navigate around, how aesthetically pleasing it is or something is simple as the first feeling that you get when you enter the site, that one feeling there and then may make the decision for you.

However, you wish to make the decision, be open minded about it and don’t settle on the first site you come across, do a little bit of homework so you have sites you can make comparisons with as this will make your decision a lot easier.

There is a reason that the number of people that play free slots online are growing rapidly

Throughout this user review for free slots, we’ve tried to look at all aspects of the pokies and why they are so popular.

Some people may have their personal preferences on the provider themselves, so it could be that you prefer Playtech video slots to Netent video slots or vice versa, the truth is, it always has, and always will be, down to you and your preferences. You may be crazy about Cleopatra slots or excited about Egypt themed slots, the Legend of the Nile or the Pharaohs Secret, there literally is something for everyone. You can also get French specialised information at, https://www.machineà and

Keep up to date with all of the new games that come out by signing up for newsletters with the sites

We mentioned above the three different types of players you get on free slots so try and have some sort of idea which category that you fall into. It is not essential, but it can make your journey of finding the perfect site for you, that little bit easier. What is also exciting is if we look at how these slot games look and play now compared to say, 10 years ago, the improvement is so blatantly obvious in all aspects of the game so what does the future look like for online slots and how much better can they get.

There are millions being spent every year solely on the improvement of these games. Improvement on the graphics, improvement on the game play, how can they make it more exciting, is it better to go for a more generic approach so players know roughly what they’re doing when swapping between one slots machine to another or is the player looking for a completely different experience on every single game. These are the questions that the programmers are trying to answer every day, and it is a never-ending pursuit mainly because, as has been said throughout this review, people’s opinions and preferences change meaning their wants and needs change.

Have your own list of top sites that you enjoy playing to save you time searching in the future

A lot of the top free slot sites will contact their customers and simply ask their opinion on things once or twice a year. They also provide other games as well as slots, such as Keno, which can be found at Some customers will see an email from their casino and think of it is a marketing gimmick or generic email but it’s nothing like that, it is finding out form the people that are important, the players, exactly what it is that they are doing right, what they could improve on, if there’s any slot games that they may not carry on their website that you would love to see them provide and many more things.

A free slots website can only improve to how you want it to, if you are one of the voices that provide the information required for continuous evolution. You may be more than happy with the games and the service being provided, and if so, again, let them know. Your opinion is priceless to these companies and without it, they can only go off what they think is needed which may be against the general consensus. Regardless, it’s no mistake that if an online casino is carrying 1300 games, around 1150 of those will be online slots because slots are the most popular casino game by a long distance. We hope that this review has been useful to you and has given you the information to at least point you in the right direction of what you are looking for. Keep spinning, keep winning and most importantly, keep having fun, because that is exactly what it is all about.

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