Looking forward to becoming a guru at Slots?

The thing with slot machines is that they are present just about everywhere, from land based casinos to virtual casinos. A simple flush of the one armed bandit can leave you empty handed or with so much money that your family would think you just robbed a bank. Slot machines generally feature three or more reels, and the reason why the lever is called a bandit is because it can leave you penniless in an instant, which makes it all the more interesting!

Slot machines are populated in most casinos you visit and are generally based on luck. However, there are players who have strategies figured out and up making more than they lose. Here are some tactics or secrets as known in the gambling industry, for winning at slot machines.

Stay Alert

Before you take the hot seat and flush the lever of luck, thoroughly go over the denominations, otherwise you might just end up comparing 5 cents to what you thought were $5. You should also keep an eye on the machines that hit regularly the most. Generally speaking, newly bought slot machines have greater payouts but are tuned later on when the house discovers that more people are crowding one or more particular slots. Another thing to mention is that it is legal in the US for casinos to tune payouts, but only after four minutes when the last turn was played. Hence, you should always be wary of any black screens, as it indicates that the slot machine payouts have been modified.

Keep Your Eyes Moving

Never take your eyes off the payouts, as penny slot machines today are more like quarter or dollar slots. In case you are playing all lines in machine then verify whether the highest payouts are justifying the amount you used to play. If that’s not the case, then switch to dollar slots where you might not be winning as frequently but you will be winning greater payouts. Another thing is to play your maximum coins whenever needed. For instance, some slot machines pay on specific wins on the first coin while others may do so on the second. If a slot machine has more than three or four lines, then consider playing them all to maximize your payouts. You should also check slot machines that advertise greater payouts. This is because all slot machines have to abide by the gambling rules and must pay the amounts that are advertised.

Don’t Ride On Your Luck

When you use the player’s card, it will calculate the coins you inserted and will give you payouts based on your play. Most slot machines advertise free dinners that way, so you can end up having a great meal, whether you win or lose. That said; you should never ride on your luck and should stop playing the moment you are on a losing streak. This is something even the more experienced gamblers forget about and end up ruining their lives. However, with patience and tactics, you can end up being a slot machine guru and can earn a lively income through gambling!