Ho to read a slot machine properly?

Read a slot Read a slot

You will meet hundreds of men and women in casinos that believe that all slot machines are the same. What happens is that some people get tunnel vision and only see a coin slot, handle, and flashing lights and they believe the slot machine is good to go. What they miss is information that can help them find out whether the slot machine is worth playing on or not.

All slot machines are different and unique as their algorithms are tampered with by casinos, and lawfully too. Learning how to read a slot machine can help you determine how much payout you can expect.

To get started, we will have to find denominations of coins required to play slots on different machines. This is obviously the first thing you should look for but sadly it’s the mistake most novice players make, on a regular basis too. Let me help you read different types of slot machines to help you cut down on potential losses!


To begin with, there are two types of multipliers, standard and bonus machines. Standard multiplier machines have payouts for different symbols. In this regard, the number of coins you use to play will multiply the payouts accordingly. So if slot is paying 5 coins per three stars, you would receive 10 coins for your second coin and 15 coins for your third coin. Standard multipliers don’t penalize if you don’t play maximum coins. Hence, if you want to play just one coin, this is the machine for you.

Bonus multiplier machines are more or less like the standard versions but offer bonuses when maximum coins are played and has jackpots as well. For instance three 7s can pay 1,000 or even more for a coin, and can go even to 10,000 coins for maximum coins played. That said bonus multipliers is where most people lose their money, which is why you shouldn’t be impulsive.

Pay-Line and Buy-a-Pay

Pay-line machines feature more than one play line. In this regard, each coin will activate a specific line. So when you hit the jackpot on an inactive line, you won’t actually win anything. Most pay-line slots today have around nine lines. Buy-a-pay, on the other hand, is quite misunderstood. To break it down, each coin will activate a specific payout. Hence, you will need maximum coins to hit the largest jackpot. Popular example of such machines is Sizzlin 7s, which features payouts on bars, cherries, and sevens. If you win the jackpot playing with just one coin, you won’t win anything. Hence, never even go near such machines, unless you want to play with maximum coins.

Progressive Slots

Progressive slot machines are quite interesting as they take a specific percentage of the coins played and will add to the pool of the biggest jackpot. Popular examples of progressive slot machines include Megabucks and Quarter Mania. Progressive jackpots can be life changing, but bear in mind that payout percentage on smaller wins will be lowered further for the big jackpot. Progressive slots are great to play on, unless you’re playing with maximum coins, in which case you will end up paying more than receiving!

Slot machines feature all the information you need to play on them on the front. Hence, read the machine before you play and choose one that best suits your situation.